Hens Party Cocktail Masterclass

Unleash your inner mixologist and embark on a fun and interactive hens cocktail masterclass in New Zealand with Wicked Hens Nights NZ. We understand the joy of celebrating special moments with your closest friends, and that’s why we offer a vibrant and spirited experience that combines mixology, creativity, and the art of crafting delicious cocktails.

Nestled amidst the vibrant landscapes of New Zealand, our website is your gateway to a world of exciting hens party ideas. Our hens cocktail masterclass is designed to ignite your passion for mixology and provide a unique opportunity to learn, create, and enjoy the art of cocktail making.

Step into a stylish venue where you and your hens will be greeted by experienced mixologists who are passionate about their craft. They will guide you through the fascinating world of cocktails, sharing their knowledge, techniques, and insider tips along the way.

Get ready to shake, stir, and muddle as you and your hens learn how to create a variety of classic and contemporary cocktails. From refreshing mojitos to sophisticated martinis, each drink will be crafted with precision and flair. Discover the secrets behind balancing flavours, garnishing techniques, and the art of presentation.

As you and your hens experiment with different ingredients, flavours, and combinations, the room will be filled with laughter, friendly competition, and the joy of discovery. Sip on your creations, toast to friendship, and celebrate the vibrant spirit of New Zealand.

At Wicked Hens Nights NZ, we prioritise your enjoyment and satisfaction. Our cocktail masterclasses are designed to be interactive, engaging, and tailored to your group’s preferences. Whether you’re a novice or a cocktail enthusiast, our expert mixologists will ensure that you have a fantastic time while honing your mixology skills.

So, gather your hens, raise your glasses, and get ready for a hens party filled with creativity, laughter, and unforgettable moments. Explore our website and discover the perfect ideas to make your hens party in New Zealand an extraordinary celebration of friendship, mixology, and the art of crafting delicious cocktails. Let’s make your hens party in New Zealand a cocktail masterclass experience to remember!

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Available in

- Auckland

- Gold Coast

- Melbourne

- Queenstown

- Sydney

- Taupo

- Wellington

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What's Included
  • Private reserved area
  • Professional mixologist host
  • Chefs selection of antipasto
  • Prosecco reception
  • Learn how to make and enjoy 2 cocktails that you have created
  • Interactive hens party games and challenges
What to Bring
  • Your finest cocktail attire and sexy heels
  • Your phone, so you can share photos and videos from the night
  • A ready-to party attitude
What to Expect

What a fun new skill to acquire – cocktail making! Who doesn’t want to be the hostess with the mostest? With our Cocktail Masterclass you will learn how to create 2 premium cocktails in your very own private reserved area.  A professional mixologist will be on hand to guide you through the art of making a dynamic cocktail and you can graze from the chefs election of antipasto.

There are interactive hens party games and challenges to really ensure that this hens night is nothing short of being a wonderful, unforgettable evening.

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