Hens Party Putt Putt

Embark on a whimsical adventure in the heart of New Zealand with our delightful hens putt-putt experience from Wicked Hens Nights NZ. We understand the joy of celebrating special moments with your closest friends, and that’s why we offer a charming and fun-filled activity that combines friendly competition, laughter, and the captivating landscapes of New Zealand.

Our hens putt-putt experience is designed to provide you and your hens with a memorable journey through mini-golf courses that are inspired by the enchanting beauty of New Zealand.

Step onto the vibrant and whimsical greens, where each hole tells a unique story. Navigate through challenging obstacles and playful designs as you and your hens compete for the title of mini-golf champion. With each stroke, laughter fills the air and bonds between friends grow stronger.

The mini-golf courses are thoughtfully designed to incorporate iconic New Zealand elements, showcasing the natural wonders and cultural heritage of the country. From miniature replicas of famous landmarks to lush green landscapes reminiscent of New Zealand’s stunning scenery, every hole is a delightful surprise that reflects the spirit of the land.

At Wicked Hens Nights NZ, we prioritize your enjoyment and satisfaction. Our hens putt-putt experiences are conducted in beautifully maintained venues that provide a whimsical and inviting ambiance. We ensure that each course is well-crafted and offers an entertaining challenge for players of all skill levels.

So, gather your hens, grab your putters, and embark on a memorable mini-golf adventure in the captivating landscapes of New Zealand. Explore our website and discover the perfect ideas to make your hens party a joyful celebration of friendship, laughter, and the magical charm of mini-golf in New Zealand. Let’s make your hens party in New Zealand a putt-putt experience to remember!

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Available in

- Auckland

- Gold Coast

- Melbourne

- Queenstown

- Sydney

- Taupo

- Wellington

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What's Included
  • A 9 to 18 hole course
  • Equipment
  • Cocktails
  • Pumping tunes
  • Portable drinks cart
  • Competitions and prizes
What to Bring
  • Casual attire
  • Wear running shoes or sneakers with good grip
  • A friendly competitive attitude
  • Your phone to take pictures of you and your pals on your cart and attempting to sink a hole-in-one
What to Expect

An enjoyable day out for you and your besties, sipping cocktails with your portable drinks cart while embarking on the 9 to 18 theme-course. Throw into the mix a healthy little bit of competition with prizes up for grabs and a day of hilarity ensues.

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