Wellington Hens Party Accommodation

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The following list of accommodation in Wellington will help you pick where you’re staying for your hens party weekend!

Is Wellington your choice for your hens party weekend? Well, it should be! Wellington has the best of everything you need to throw a wicked hens party- award winning restaurants, famous spots, underground bars and heaps of culture. So, now that you’re convinced you need to throw your hens party in Wellington (you’re easily convinced, aren’t you?)- let me help you find a place to stay!


Hygge Hus, Wellington 

Ideal for a Hens party up to 6 guests

Wicked Hens Nz Wellington Accommodation For Hens Party Weekend Hygge Huss

This house is stunning inside and out! It is surrounded by magnificent views all around, the interiors are sensibly stylish and the layout is well thought out to transport you to another world. This has to be my favourite Wellington accommodation for a hens party, or should I say a hens soiree! Whether you’re visiting Wellington from another city or simply searching for a somewhere to stay for a weekend of girlie celebrations, I assure that this residence is ideal!! I’d want to advise you, and the owners of this property state the same in their listing, that you should consider the comfort of all your guests as the house is only accessible by stairs (100 steps), if that’s something that suits your group-this place is a rare gem!


Light House, Wellington 

A once in a lifetime experience, for an intimate hens weekend in Wellington

Wicked Hens Nz Wellington Accommodation For Hens Party Weekend The Lighthouse

For the girls who befriended their bestie as soon as they/you were born, the lighthouse will be a lovely opportunity to relive all of the adorable memories you have of each other while making new ones gazing at the stars or the ocean and feeling the cool breeze against your skin.


Qt Hotels, Wellington

Appealing for a Hens weekend with a big group

Wicked Hens Nz Wellington Accommodation For Hens Party Weekend Qt Hotels

If I were throwing a hens party with a huge group, which means more than 5 people (that’s a big group for me because I don’t have that many friends:) I would prefer qt for its character, but more significantly, its convenience. It will be difficult for you to find an airbnb or an apartment for a large party, especially if you do not want to be restricted by house rules such as noise curfews and no parties. So, for those who like to party outside and then bring the party home, qt is an excellent accommodation for your hens weekend in Wellington.


The Keep, Wellington 

Hens weekend accomodation for 2

Wicked Hens Wellington Accommodation For Hens Party Weekend The Keep

I would recommend this place to the two best friends looking to have a lot of fun and click a lot of pictures. The Keep is well placed and has a lot of character. The exposed stone exterior will make you feel as if you are living in a castle with your best friend, at least for your hens weekend! Here’s a few ideas for what you can do when you’re not chilling at the keep.


Haka House, Wellington

The best way to house all your hens party guests if you have a big heart but not the biggest bank balance

Wicked Hens Nz Wellington Accommodation For Hens Party Weekend Haka House

If you’re a social hen and have a large group of friends joining you in Wellington for your hens party, the Haka House is a gorgeous hostel with a lot of personality that allows your large group to interact without having to spend a lot of money. This is an excellent venue for your hens group to unwind after a day of mischief in the CBD! If you’ve fallen in love with this destination as much as the rest of the globe, I recommend booking your hens party well in advance, because they always sell out quickly and are usually fully booked!

If you like what you see but need help with planning your entire hens weekend, contact us!

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