Guide to Planning a Hens Party


Hosting a Hens Party can be a big job. In order to help you throw a perfect Hens Party that you will never forget, we are here to guide you on how to plan a Hens Party step by step. Keep this guide on hand so you don’t need to be stressed out.

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Guide to Planning a Hens Party

Step 1. Communicate with your bride

Please make sure to involve the bride in the planning stage. Ensure to chat with your bride to know what she likes, what she prefers, who she wants to invite, where she would like to go, and what’s the potential date. Of course, many hens want to surprise their brides, so remember to consider what you know about her; definitely don’t take her bungee jumping if she has acrophobia.


Step 2. Preparing & Discussion

After communicating with your bride, you now have initial ideas about What/Where/When/Who, such as what are the must-have activities and who you are going to invite. It is now possible to gather all bridesmaids together to discuss the budget of the party. An open discussion is an important step to help determine what is realistic and reasonable in terms of cost.

And, don’t forget to reach out to all the guests to inform them of the date, confirm who is coming, and provide them with the approximate cost and any relevant information.


Step 3. Start Planning

Now we are getting into it!

With the initial ideas gathered from chatting with the brides and the budget discussed previously, it is now a great time to plan the hens party. An easy way is to allocate tasks to each bridesmaid to research and gather quotes for restaurants/bars, activities, accommodations, and entertainment. By doing this, you can effectively and quickly gather all the information and decide on the best choices for your final plan.

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Step 4. Confirming and finalising Everything

It’s almost time to get ready for the party. In this step, you can add something to make the hens party extra special.

Below is a list of things you can add to the Hens Party:

Also, remember to inform and confirm every detail with all the guests again to make sure everything will be perfect!


Step 4. Party Time

Now, you’re there! Get the party started and remember to enjoy a glass and celebrate with your girls!



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