Top Queenstown Attractions

Queenstown Attractions Wicked Hens Nz

Queenstown is renowned for its jaw-dropping landscapes and various outdoor, thrill-seeking adventures. There are plenty of attractions to choose from. You can explore the stunning scenery on a horse-riding adventure and go to dazzling heights of 480 metres above Queenstown and Lake Wakatipu with a Skyline Gondola. For adrenaline junkies, try your hand at a bungy jump, catapult, swings, zip ride or skydive. A winery tour of Queenstown and Central Otago is a must for the ladies looking to celebrate the bride-to-be’s last days of freedom. Whatever activities you participate in, we guarantee this will be one wild adventure!

We have some great Wicked Hens packages in Queenstown, and we also allow you to build your own package by incorporating a range of our ideas. To ensure you see everything on offer in Queenstown, we have compiled a list of the top ten things you need to add to your must-do list.

Take a Ride on the Queenstown Gondola

Skyline Queenstown Gondola Hens Nz

One of Queenstown’s biggest attractions is the Skyline Gondola, which is the steepest cable lift in the Southern Hemisphere. This scenic ride will take you to dazzling heights of 480 metres above Queenstown and Lake Wakatipu to the top of Bob’s Peak. You’ll enjoy 220-degree panorama views, and once you get to the top, enjoy a drink or two while looking out over the breathtaking views and tuck in a delicious buffet lunch or dinner at Stratosfare Restaurant. 

Try Tandem Skydiving

Skydiving Queenstown Wicked Hens Party

Conquer your fears with a tandem skydive that sees you plummet toward the ground at 200 kph in 30 seconds! This isn’t for the fainthearted but a must for thrill-seeking adventure lovers. You’ll be harnessed by space-age materials as you and your expert jumpmaster step outside the aircraft door and take the ultimate plunge. You can even request a video to be shot documenting your hair-raising adventure.

Embark on the Queenstown Garden Trail Experience

Queenstown Garden Trail Experience Wicked Hens

If you’re looking for a more relaxing way to spend your day, head to Queenstown Gardens. The trail starts at Queenstown Bay Beach and sees you walk past tranquil and beautiful gardens, with your final destination being the lake shore, where you can sit on one of the benches and take in the spectacular views. 

See Endangered Species at Kiwi Park

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With many of New Zealand’s most famous animals currently on the endangered list, Kiwi Park offers you a rare chance to see these species. The family-operated business is dedicated to saving over 20 native bird and reptile species and rehabilitating them. Expect to encounter birds such as the North Island Brown Kiwi and South Island Kākā, the Whio/Blue Duck, the Kererū/ Wood Pigeon, Red-Crowned Kakariki, and you’ll also get to view the Auckland Green Gecko. It’s an eye-opening experience.

Sail Around Queenstown on a Luxury Party Boat

Boat Party Queenstown Wicked Hens Nz

There’s nothing more beautiful than spending time cruising the crystal-clear waters of Lake Wakatipu with you and your besties. You can sail for one, two, or three hours on this privately charted 70’s themed boat. With a fully licensed bar, you can pick the cocktail of your choice, and there’s a BBQ lunch and pumping sound system – and the views are spectacular.

Enjoy a Queenstown & Central Otago Wine Tour


If you’re a wine connoisseur or enjoy a glass of vino or two, then Queenstown & Central Otago Wine Tour will quench your thirst for fine wines. Central Otago’s is renowned as one of the world’s finest winemaking regions, delivering crisp white and smooth reds. There are so many vineyards to visit and wines to taste, and you can also tuck into a delicious lunch accompanied by wine – of course.

Go Jet Boating Over the Shotover and Kawarau Rivers

Jet Boat Experience Queenstown Wicked Hens New Zealand

Get ready for a wet and wild ride with a thrilling Queenstown jet boat ride. For 60 minutes, you’ll be travelling on the fastest jet boats in New Zealand, reaching speeds of up to 95kph as you hurtle your way from Lake Wakatipu and down the world-famous Kawarau and Shotover Rivers. With 360-degree spins, this is the ultimate adrenaline rush.

Indulge in Hot Pools Day Spas

Hot Pool, Onsen, Queenstown

For the ultimate luxury retreat, head to Onsen Hots Pools Queenstown. Established in 2007, the facility offers a Kiwi twist on the Japanese bathing tradition. Perched on the cliffs overlooking the Shotover River, expect to be treated by high-quality therapists delivering an extensive range of face and body treatments and soak in pools that are filled with pure water from the surrounding mountains. It’s a serene experience.

Take The Plunge with New Zealand’s Highest Bungy Jump

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For those who want to get their heart racing, a 134m bungy jump should do the trick. After your hair-raising jump, you’ll then step into the Catapult pod and be propelled 150m up and out across the Nevis Valley. You can also embark on swings and zip ride adventures. Thrill-seekers will rejoice with this epic adventure.

Explore Moke Lake on Horseback

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If you’re looking for a picture-perfect moment, then a 45-minute horseback ride along the scenic trek of farmlands and rivers to the shore of Moke Lake is the perfect way to spend the afternoon. But best of all, it’s suitable for beginners; you don’t need to be a seasoned equestrian to take this beautiful trek through nature. Helmets and guides are provided so you feel comfortable – all you need to do is concentrate on the gorgeous scenery in front of you.

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