Trends for Hens Party in 2024

Trends For Hens Party 2024 Wicked Hens Nz Blog Cover

If you’re aiming to make your Hens party go viral, tapping into the latest trends is essential. The year 2024 is all about creating unique, immersive experiences that celebrate the bride-to-be and generate unforgettable moments for all attendees. Wicked Hens is here, offering you some party ideas to ensure your celebration is not just seen but remembered. 


Mob Wife-Themed Parties

Hens Party Trend 2024 Mob Wife Theme Wicked Hens Nz

Plunge into the glamorous world of mob wives with a theme that’s as bold as it is beautiful. Inspired by the hottest 2024 fashion trends, this theme showcases a striking palette of gold, red, and black, cultivating a luxurious casino vibe. Outfits are flashy and complemented with lavish jewellery, all set to the smooth tunes of jazz music. This theme is exceptionally suited for celebrations in cooler climates like New Zealand, adding an extra layer of sophistication to your mob wife fantasy. It’s a guaranteed way to make a lasting impression and render your Hens party unforgettable.


Coquette with Ribbon Decor

Hens Party Trend 2024 Coquette Ribbons Theme Wicked Hens Nz.jpg

Channel your inner coquette with a theme centred around softness, whimsy, and a hint of nostalgia. Ribbon decor is the highlight, accented by a gentle blend of ballerina-inspired pinks, whites, pearls, and lace. This theme embodies femininity and charm, crafting a dreamy and romantic setting that’s perfect for social media. Whether you’re dancing under a ribbon canopy or toasting with pearl-adorned glasses, a Coquette-themed Hens party epitomises Instagrammable elegance.


Retro Vegas Theme

Hens Party Trend 2024 Retri Vegas 70s Theme Wicked Hens Nz.jpg

Step back in time to the glitzy and glamorous ’70s with a Retro Vegas theme that captures the excitement and flair of old-school Sin City for your Hens party. Envision disco balls, glamorous outfits, and an ambiance filled with fun and freedom. This theme is about reviving the golden era of Vegas with a contemporary twist, making your party distinctive and ripe with opportunities for viral moments and lifelong memories.


With these trending themes in mind, let Wicked Hens create an unparalleled celebration that will elevate the standard for Hens parties in our destinations.

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