Hen Party Hangover Survival Kit

Hangover Survival Kit Wicked Hens Nz (3)

Whether dancing the night away in a VIP club booth or cheersing the bride-to-be on a sophisticated winery tour, a boozy hens is always a blast. But let’s be real, the morning after is a not-so-fun experience. Continuing the weekend of celebrations while feeling worse-for-wear is always a struggle and the last thing we want is for you to miss out on any hens activities because of that pesky hangover. That’s why we have created the essential hangover survival kit allowing you and your girls to rally on and keep the party going! 



Hangover Survival Kit Wicked Hens Nz

Hydration! Hydration! Hydration! The number one priority when kicking a hangover is rehydrating. Counteract all that tequila from the night before and pop a water bottle into your hangover kit. You can jazz it up a bit with personalized bottles for each of your hens or keep it simple, both of which will help revive your party and get morale back up to soldier on another night! (p.s. imagine chugging that freezing cold glass of water when deathly hungover – bliss!)



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A secret hack to curing your hangover is electrolytes. Including a single dissolving sachet or an electrolyte-rich energy drink in your hangover survival kit can make all the difference to your party’s energy levels. I am no scientist and cannot explain the biological benefits of replenishing your electrolytes, but trust me when I tell you these are a LIFESAVER! 


Pain Killers

Hangover Survival Kit Wicked Hens Nz (3)

Sometimes there is nothing in the world that will cure your hangover, and all you need is something to help you bear the pain. If this is the case, painkillers will be your best friend. Including an ibuprofen or aspirin into your hens survival kit is always a good call, helping out the hens who maybe took it a little too far the night before… 



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Snacks on a hangover are like marmite: a huge hindrance or a godsend. If the thought doesn’t make you queasy, a salty snack can be your saving grace to replenish dwindling sodium levels and settle stomachs. Moreover, a little sweet treat can boost energy levels, bringing your fallen hens back to life. So, a little packet of chips or a bar of chocolate are a good addition to your hens hangover survival kit. 


Mini toiletries

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Waking up after a big night can be a sight for sore eyes: make-up half smudged, hair and teeth unbrushed, last night’s clothes. Your hens will appreciate some travel-sized amenities to help them freshen up a bit. Breath mints, face wipes, lip balms, deodorants and face masks will all be welcomed with open arms. If you’re feeling extra generous, a cooling jade roller to depuff that alcohol bloat would be a luxury, making sure your hens feel pretty and fresh for the coming day’s activities.


Hair of the Dog 

Hangover Survival Kit Wicked Hens Nz (4)

Hear me out. Sometimes, not even all the aspirin in the world will cure your hangover. Instead, you have to turn to the culprit which got you into this state in the first place: booze. I know, I know, when you’re in that state it’s the last thing on your mind, but the endorphins released from drinking alcohol will contribute towards recovery…Or maybe it just helps dull the pain… Either way, a shooter of tequila or a mini bottle of Prosecco are a fun addition to your hangover survival kit!


Pop all your treats into a cute bag or container and voila! You have the essential hens party hangover survival kit to make sure you enjoy every moment of your celebration. Trust me, if you book with Wicked Hens, you won’t want to miss a single second! With helicopter tours, cocktail masterclasses, spa days and so much more, let us plan your hens today for an experience you won’t forget. Cheers to a big and boozy celebration!


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